3 02, 2015

Setting up a e-Commerce Web Site

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Setting up a e-Commerce Web Site The World Wide Web is a very competitive field. Creating an e-Commerce website which will generate income, let alone break even and developing a niche that draws in visitors to establish a customer foundation will take a great deal of work. A web site may cost under $500 or as much as $10,000+ it will of course vary depending on exactly what level you want your web site to operate at. When making a decision to get a e-Commerce web site you should do quite a lot of research. Identifying goals and objectives for establishing the web site is crucial, selecting the right designer who will invest their time and effort to provide you with a look and feel that matches your business branding, establishing and maintaining good search engine optimization (SEO) practices and which Content Management System (CMS) to use are part of the many responsibilities of your WEBpartner. We are currently working with on a new project which has exactly those decisions to make. computersupplies.nz is looking to establish themselves as the go to site for computer peripherals, accessories and general computer things. We came up with the tagline of "Computer Supplies, supplying New Zealand with Computer things... " Creating an e-Commerce [...]

28 01, 2015

The Myths, Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a WEBhost Partner

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The Myths, Dos and Don'ts of Choosing a WEBhost Partner Perfection in Business is an unattainable goal that does not mean we should not seek it, in fact at ivi we are driven by it. There is doubt that there are truly "perfect" web hosting companies on the internet. Even paying exorbitant fees for your hosting needs will not guarantee that your hosting service will meet its promises. The industry is infiltrated with sellers and resellers offering cheap enticing plans then they change their offering in the renewal to standard rates and changing becomes a "can’t be bothered" consideration rather than a broken or obtuse promise broken just because you did not see the "renewal pricing" link in their small print. At ivi you can be sure we have been though all the trappings of the landscape we have panned for the gold nuggets in the world wide web and starting as a business ourselves at radicall.co.nz we have formed a process that we wish to share with our partners, a support structure that is effective, considerate and proficient in getting you on to the web and keeping you there. Our Hosting service is provided as a result of our original Web Host Provider who we have been with from [...]

23 01, 2015

We are on line ! – i v i – WEB | Design | Hosting | Branding | Development | SEO

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There is nothing like taking the passion you have for a hobby and turning it into a business venture, ivi is such a venture. It is a matter of taking charge of your own destiny, with little capital to buy a existing business or set up a physical presence, being online is the best way to offer our service to business. Taking ivi online, we wish to share our experience in creating beautiful functional websites by reaching hundreds of customers - plus, we can keep our pricing highly competitive because of low overheads. We intend to stand out on the quality and value combination of services, with an excellent hosting product and a solid understanding of business needs we have learned what it takes to start take this business online and succeed. WEBcraft. We think this word to defines our services best, with so many diverse aspects to the online landscape finding nuggets of gold to share with our customers is a craft in itself. Having access to possibly millions of customers is not a matter of just taking a "build it, they will come" attitude, as you have a lot more competition. No matter how good you are there are hundreds of businesses who have a similar idea. So [...]