Social Media Engagement

Social media enables you to have direct contact with your customers, prospective customers to interact and engage about everything regarding your products to promote activity that highlights you and your brand.

Brands that are genuinely engaging use social media to connect as if they were calling on the phone. They realise that Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other channels can be used more than merely yet another platform to broadcast self-promotional announcements for a passive audience. They are really paying attention to their community, creating content that serves their community’s needs and interests, by both equally welcoming and eliciting a response.

If you are currently engaging, we can help you to identify if you are doing it successfully? Sometimes it is not about the number of fans or followers, but who is actively responding. There is a whole range of responses you may be seeking, including Facebook likes, blog comments, retweets, and direct dialogue.

After all, social media engagement can have many different goals.

We help you:

• Humanize your brand

• Manage your brand’s reputation

• Create brand advocates

• Generate leads and sales

• Resolve customer service issues

• Handle crises


Whether the conversations are on Facebook, Twitter, your blog or popular forums in your industry, there are many ways to jump in and say hello. Good conversations solidify the relationship, and your fans will feel a more direct connection with the brand.

At i v i – your WEBcarft Partner we are experienced in many social media platforms and can help you identify the platform that will best suit your brand and objective as well as incorporate the best social media strategy to assist you to reach potential and existing customers. We not only apply the strategy and process we will also provide and educational experience for you as to how to use these platforms in a constructive way.

We offer great online marketing packages: including social media management, advertising and strategy.

All designed to compliment your other marketing tools.

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