The Myths, Dos and Don’ts of Choosing a WEBhost Partner

Perfection in Business is an unattainable goal that does not mean we should not seek it, in fact at ivi we are driven by it. There is doubt that there are truly “perfect” web hosting companies on the internet. Even paying exorbitant fees for your hosting needs will not guarantee that your hosting service will meet its promises. The industry is infiltrated with sellers and resellers offering cheap enticing plans then they change their offering in the renewal to standard rates and changing becomes a “can’t be bothered” consideration rather than a broken or obtuse promise broken just because you did not see the “renewal pricing” link in their small print.

At ivi you can be sure we have been though all the trappings of the landscape we have panned for the gold nuggets in the world wide web and starting as a business ourselves at we have formed a process that we wish to share with our partners, a support structure that is effective, considerate and proficient in getting you on to the web and keeping you there. Our Hosting service is provided as a result of our original Web Host Provider who we have been with from the establishment of our Communications Business in 2012 a relationship that has been tested and proven to work.


One thing you can be certain is that you will get support relative to the investment you place in the service, running a support team and the infrastructure of a 99.95% availability business presence does need a long term commitment from any operator wishing to ensure a return on their investment. You cannot hire good help when the prices are dirt cheap, you would want to ensure the investment is relative to the market leaders for reliability and length of service.

What generally happens it that you choose and in between provider offering quality service combined with great value plans ivi – your WEBhost Partner is such a business. Have a look at our value plans for something that would fit your needs.

Some of the aspects you should look for when choosing a web host be it a free host and a commercial web hosting service provider is as follows:

Where are the Servers:

If you are a business in New Zealand the option of having your site on some cheap international servers is enticing however for the most part New Zealand business are looking for local hosted services ivi hosts its servers in Auckland. The advantage of this is that there is a ease in access to the servers as well as local support services being familiar with the local laws and having a easy recourse to those laws should it be necessary is definitely a benefit for local businesses. This does not mean that there is no backup or disaster recovery plan should the local services go won, in fact if the ivi servers do go of line for any reason we have backup server available internationally that will bring the site to being live within 3 hours. Local business will also take advantage of local traffic making the speed of accessing your site a great experience for the potential customer.


For the most part at ivi we are available 24/7/365 we do have a Business Hours contact availability condition however we monitor all our servers email inboxes and notifications on the round o’clock basis to ensure we maintain the 99.99% uptime guarantee. So if you are working on the weekends or public holidays we will respond to your needs. We know sometimes things go wrong at the most inconvenient of times. Our support team is competent and available, test us out, though you need to be on a valid plan and a customer do so.


This is extremely important. You need to be confident that your online presence is not down otherwise you will lose a lot of visitors. Getting traffic from search engines will generally go elsewhere if they find that your site is down. In addition if they find your site is slow to load it can be very frustrating for visitors and you too, when you work on your site. This is why as we have mentioned we use these service servers and know the functionality inside out we use them for Radicall Communications Business and know they are 99.95% reliable.

Service features:

Having FTP, PHP, Perl, SSI, .htaccess, SSH, MySQL, Cron you really should make sure you have all of these. Not all Hosting Providers provide these or they are provided at extra cost, at ivi we bundle these in all of our plans.

Be careful of free services they support their infrastructure by selling advertising this is not always a viable means to sustain the income required to cover the costs of running their services, such hosts close their business with unusual frequency.

We will go into more detail about the other functionality but we consider these the most important so let meet for tea or coffee and discuss with your requirements and expectations are we are sure to impress.